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S  -  Bust: 34-36     Waist: 26-28     Hips: 36-38

M -  Bust: 37-39     Waist: 29-31     Hips: 39-41

L   - Bust: 40-42     Waist: 32-34      Hips: 42-44

1X - Bust: 43-45     Waist: 36-38     Hips: 45-48

2X - Bust: 46-48     Waist: 40-42     Hips: 49-51

3X - Bust: 49-51     Waist: 44-46     Hips: 52-54


S  -  Chest: 36-38     Waist: 29-31     Hips: 36-38

M -  Chest: 40-42     Waist: 32-34     Hips: 40-42

L   - Chest: 44-46     Waist: 36-38      Hips: 44-46

1X - Chest: 46-48     Waist: 40-42     Hips: 46-48

2X - Chest: 49-51     Waist: 44-46     Hips: 49-51



Always pick a size according to your largest measurement.

For gathered/flair skirts, your waist measurement is the most important measurement 

For infinity dresses, infinity tops(coming soon) etc, your waist is the most important measurement


For closed back dresses (sleeved dresses or dresses with zipper closure), pick a size according to your largest measurement i.e. if your bust is 36 inches and your waist is 30 inches you'll need a size M, if your bust is 42 and your waist is 29, you'll need a size L.

Your hip measurement is important for items fitted from waist down e.g pants, shorts, jumpsuits, rompers, fitted skirts, etc in which your hip measurement should be the deciding factor. 

Our clothes are mostly made from African print fabric which is typically 100% cotton so it has no stretch unless hand shirred with elastic thread.

Do tell us your waist, hips and height if you don't fall close within the chart and would like it custom fitted.

Contact us if you need help with sizing.


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